What is Greinplast Ceramic?

Greinplast Ceramic is a collection of ceramic paints being a combination of the latest technology and timeless color scheme. Technical parameters allow to use it in places frequently and intensively used on surfaces exposed to dirt and abrasions.

Increased strength makes this product extremely useful. Nano-ceramic coating which is formed on the painted surface, protects the walls against stains and dirt. We invite you to learn about the properties of paint and tips and hints concerning the use of colors in your surroundings. 

The collection of ready to use colors called “Nowocześnie i elegancko”  [modernly and elegantly] is a kind of continuation of pre-existing latex paint collection called “Klasycznie i elegancko” [classically and elegantly]. The color scheme of this collection was selected based on the sales analysis of the paints colored and the observation of trends in the interior design. In this way, 50 proposals of exceptional colors among which everyone can choose a color for themselves were selected.

Farba ceramiczna Greinplast Ceramic FWC

Plamoodporna farba ceramiczna do malowania ścian i sufitów. Rekomendowana do wnętrz intensywnie użytkowanych. Posiada najwyższą 1 klasę odporności na szorowanie. Dostępna w 60 gotowych kolorach zgodnie z paletą barw Greinplast z kolekcji “Nowocześnie i Elegancko”.


Tester kolorystyczny farby Greinplast Ceramic FWC

Jednorazowa saszetka z plamoodporną farbą ceramiczną do malowania ścian i sufitów z kolekcji gotowych kolorów Nowocześnie i Elegancko.

powłoka nanoceramiczna 1 klasa odporności na ścieranie plamoodporna


Arrangement wizard

Selection of colors that are to be used to paint the walls in a room is not an easy task. We have prepared a useful application, to help you to create an optimal combination of colors that appear on adjacent surfaces of the walls and ceiling. With it,  you can select the color combination that suits you in a simple and intuitive way.

Follow the below o use the application
- choose a photo of one of the proposed premises,
- indicate a color on the available palette of colors,
- indicate on the photo the surface the color of which is to be modified .

The created arrangement can be easy saved or share with friends
Please try out the application.

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Kreator aranżacji


The colours that are selected for indoor influence our well-being. Knowledge of color psychology allows you to build a mood according to individual needs and expectations. Office or public buildings rooms differ in the choice of colours from the residential ones. Where the atmosphere of concentration is important, neutral gray, gray blue or the timeless beige will be used. Passionate reds, deep purples, and cheerful yellow are the shades used in areas associated with relaxation, spending time with our families and friends.

The collection of 50 colours that we offer in our NOWOCZEŚNIE i ELEGANCKO colour palette is the result of the selection made by architects, interior designers and colour trends hunters. They include, e.g.,: Pracownia Kreatywna Katarzyny Kiec-Kuborek and agencja komunikacji marketingowej One Voice. In the colour inspirations section, we have included proposals of the paint colours combinations that we propose to use in different types of interiors.

Greinplast Elegance