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Greinplast Ceramic paint can be used on all common surfaces of walls and ceilings. 

Substrate preparation
Specific painting works can be started after proper substrate preparation and complete drying. The painted substrate should be supporting, stable, dry and free of any contaminants which may affect adhesion. 

Paint preparation
The paint must be accurately mixed before painting. The manufacturer allows for addition of up to 5% water to the paint in order to improve its working properties. Apply one or two layers at intervals of 2 to 4 hours. Works on a one plane wall should be carried out without interruption, constantly using material from the same batch. The optimum temperature while painting + 20C.

Intense colors
When painting using high color saturation paints, application of additional layers may be necessary. The coating obtains full mechanical properties after 28 days from the painting works completion. The surfaces exposed to paint stains must be protected, and in case of any stains, they must be removed before drying out.

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