Paint properties back

In the production of Greinplast Ceramic paint innovative technologies were used that make the product have the highest first class of the abrasion resistance. It is also resistant to all kinds of dirt washing and removing. The paint contains special additives that allow for removal of a stubborn dirt, e.g. red wine, oil, olive oil, wax crayons, mustard and ketchup stains. They protect the surface of the wall against the infiltration of these types of stains up to an hour. During this time, you can easily and completely remove them without damaging the paint. 

The product with Greinplast logo has one characteristic that distinguishes it from the competition’s products. Commercially available ceramic paints usually have so called semigloss. This effect is extremely frustrating for users. The gloss underlines any unevenness and the application of such paint requires great accuracy and precision of a painter.

In a Greinplast Ceramic paint the gloss effect has been minimized so that a painter has no problems with obtaining a perfect and uniform coating. A Greinplast Ceramic paint can be used on all common surfaces of walls and ceilings.

The appropriately selected viscosity and rheology, make Greinplast Ceramic paint easily to be applied. Does not splash, when painting, and very well covers the surface. The product is available in ready to use colors according to the manufacturer’s color palette

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