The colours that are selected for indoor influence our well-being. Knowledge of color psychology allows you to build a mood according to individual needs and expectations. Office or public buildings rooms differ in the choice of colours from the residential ones. Where the atmosphere of concentration is important, neutral gray, gray blue or the timeless beige will be used. Passionate reds, deep purples, and cheerful yellow are the shades used in areas associated with relaxation, spending time with our families and friends.

The collection of 50 colours that we offer in our NOWOCZEŚNIE i ELEGANCKO colour palette is the result of the selection made by architects, interior designers and colour trends hunters. They include, e.g.,: Pracownia Kreatywna Katarzyny Kiec-Kuborek and agencja komunikacji marketingowej One Voice. In the colour inspirations section, we have included proposals of the paint colours combinations that we propose to use in different types of interiors.


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